Acupuncture and Hot Flushes

March 30, 2018

Hot flushes can be a real source of distress. Affecting mainly menopausal women this can typically impact very badly one's quality-of-life and perhaps most problematically the quality of sleep.  Ordinary menopausal type hot flushes are well known to be treated by acupuncture,  and this is often done in conjunction with appropriate dietary advice and lifestyle advice. Treatment in this situation should be thought of as a long-term issue with fortnightly and monthly treatments the approach to take.

Hot flushes do also affect both men and women who are undergoing hormonal treatment as part of their cancer care treatment within conventional medicine. This is often due to taking certain hormone -related medications that reduce the potential growth of cancer cells  helping these people stay cancer free. However side effects of extreme hot flushes and very bad night sweats make a huge impact, and this may well last for years.  I have had the privilege of volunteering at two cancer charities in Berkshire and Surrey and have found some truly excellent and revolutionary methods of treating these severe hormone- medicine -related hot flushes. Some of my experiences are related here in this blog under cancer care.

Treatment for this severe hot flush, for either women or men, is actually very effective and not particularly  long in duration. Relief may be found within just a few sessions and the improvements does seem to be quite long lasting.

Jamie Hamilton

Always interested in learning and sharing the wonderful world of Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture and Shiatsu

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