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Acupuncture for Weight Loss

The meaning of this is where overweightness is the problem. This is closely related to the topic of diabetes:

‍Diabetes is a complex disease,and its management calls for a multidisciplinary approach, the core of which isdescribed by Kumar (2009, p. 1037) as the self-management of the patient,the involvement of those with specialized knowledge and the implementationof key lifestyle changes (my emphasis).

· Education. To make any advicepractically taken up any educational approach needs to be delivered in a waythat the patients can listen and absorb, and effort needs to be made to ensurethat this takes place. Kozier (2008, pp 151, 152) describes just such a“patient-centred” approach in the process of patient interviews in nursing thatis based on concepts such as rapport making and listening to the patient.

· Diet and Lifestyle advice. As outlined above,education to lead to changes in diet and lifestyle are central to the successof management of diabetes (Bilous 2010, p. 79). Dietary modification is tochange to a diet that is equivalent to the standard “healthy” diet promoted bythe medical community.The National Collaborating Centre for Chronic Conditions(2008, p. 38), which makes disease management reports for NICE outlines thefollowing key dietary recommendations:

v  Encourage high-fibre, lowglycaemic index, carbohydrate with: fruit, vegetables, wholegrainsand pulses.

v  Include low-fat dairyproducts and oily fish.

v  Control the intake of: saturatedand trans fatty acids.

v  For overweight patients aimfor an initial weight loss of 5-10% of body mass.

Kumar(2009, p. 1037) makes similar recommendations, and includes the following twospecific points:

Sucrose can be taken up to 10% oftotal energy intake as long as it is taken integrated into other healthy foods(i.e. not alone as in sweets).

Alcohol is acceptable as long asits energy content is taken into account.

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