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Welcome to Farnham Acupuncture and Wellness. A professional, caring approach for a wide variety of health conditions, Jamie Hamilton Lic.Ac. has been providing acupuncture and Chinese medicine in Farnham for over 10 years.

The practice is easily reached from Farnham in peaceful Lower Bourne, with free parking right outside the practice room, and a custom-made building for giving the whole range of acupuncture treatments, like cupping and specialist massage protocols... ideal for the treatment of musculo-skeletal pain that acupuncture has become well known for in recent years, including acupuncture for back pain.

My top treatments include acupuncture for back, neck and shoulder pain and acupuncture for fertility. I have a special interest in the treatment of the effect of bereavement: part of the wide spectrum of approaches of acupuncture for mental health including anxiety and depression.

For more information of the range of list conditions treated do visit the conditions page.

“Since I have been having Acupuncture treatments my problems sleeping have improved greatly. Now I have monthly treatments to keep me well.”
I.F. of Farnham

"Acupuncture with Jamie has been brilliant. He put me at ease and after 4 sessions my back problems were greatly improved. " D.C. of Lower Bourne

Jamie Hamilton BSc, LicAc. MBAcC

Jamie Hamilton Lic. AcI have been involved in the world of Eastern Healing modalities for over 15 years. My acupuncture training was at the BSc degree course at the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine (CICM). Since then I have taken numerous professional development courses.

I am also a shiatsu teacher and  since 2008 have been the principal of East West College, providing specialist courses for the acupuncture and shiatsu professions.

I have been interested in Chinese medicine since 1987 when travelling in China where I was involved in a serious bike accident. I met a blind Chinese medicine practitioner there who used a variety of effective methods to heal my injured arm, and this planted the seed for my acupuncture practice.


Acupuncture is a form of therapy in which fine needles are inserted into specific points on the body. I may also use a smouldering herb called ‘moxa’ to warm these points, and cupping therapy to ease muscular pain.

Acupuncture aims to rebalance the body, naturally boosting vitality and easing any tension and anxiety. It lasts approximately 45 minutes in duration. I will first take a detailed medical history to better understand the condition that you are coming with, this is an important step, and expect to answer a variety of questions about both your physical and sometimes emotional condition.

This is a traditional acupuncture treatment; the form of which is very similar to treatment that has been practiced for the last twenty centuries in the East, and whose structure is based on the world’s longest unbroken medical literary tradition.  It is an extremely safe technique, with very high standards of hygiene and training. Degree level training and continuing professional development ensure a professional approach.


Acupuncture is not just about treatment of specific conditions, it is a great way of keeping healthy and well. Once your main complaint has been properly treated, I offer a special monthly treatment for keeping well. Overall my treatment aim to treat both symptoms and also the person themselves: to rebalance their energy, using an approach known as 5 Element Acupuncture. This ensures the person feels better in themselves: better from the inside out.

I also offer nutritional advice right here on the website. Click here for nutrition advice that can complement your treatment. In November 2017 I launched a new low-cost acupuncture service for those in our community who are suffering from the effects of bereavement. This is the Community Acupuncture Bereavement Service. For more information click here: CABS

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