February 3, 2022

CABS = Community Acupuncture Bereavement Service

A new service for Farnham and South West Surrey, for those who have experienced a bereavement whether recent or a while ago. The loss of a loved one is something that nearly everyone experiences in their lives, but none the less can present with really major challenges emotionally for us. The pain of loss can be a complex feeling, often with other feelings mixed in, like guilt and frustration. These feelings can be hard to express at times and their effect can build up in the body, leading not only to mental and emotional distress but physical discomfort, pain or other problems like digestive issues or heightened blood pressure due to stress.

That's where acupuncutre can come in. The mindset of acupuncture is the physical body and organs is one with the mind and emotions, and that with the physical action of needling points, there is a shift of the body's system that eases the body, mind and emotions. This can help unravel the feeling of "stuckness" that can be present in loss, and help us move on.

CABS has currently two practitioners: Sarah Webb and myself, Jamie Hamilton. We are both available to help those in the community who need this, and will make a confidential listening time to hear your story before we do the treatment.

We operate at a not for profit basis, asking for a donation of £40 for a series of four treatments (i.e £10 a treatment, but you will need to pay this at the first appointment). At the moment we operate out of our own treatment rooms, and you can book with each of us via our mobile numbers:

To book please text Sarah Webb on 07738 340485 or Jamie Hamilton on 07503 281105

See our facebook page at and the webpage for more details

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