Conventional medicine

Conventional medical approaches are extremely useful for complement the Chinese Medicine Approach. These routes are generally well known, but there is still a need for good information: 

Acupuncture: Traditional Acupuncture

Traditional acupuncture is what I practice, and is more or less the equivalent to those well developed methods used in China for centuries:

Acupuncture: Medical Acupuncture

These days increasing numbers of physiotherapists, osteopaths and medial doctors have been turning to acupuncture having seen clinical effectiveness. These resources describe this approach:

“I have no knowledge of any parallel universe, so I can’t compare what my life without acupuncture would be like to see exactly how much it has helped, but my feeling is that it does help me, so I won’t stop. Equally, I recognise that it is good to meet a qualified doctor on a regular basis for a one-to-one session lasting 45 minutes.” Is Acupuncture Effective?, Guardian Article