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Professional Salve as featured on Jason Roberton's Applied Channel Theory course and also Warming Salve.

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Professional Salve

The incredible warming and blood moving salve is only available in the UK and the EU. Used professionally by Chinese Medicine practitioners in conjunction with heat lamp for amazing results with deep joint and muscle pain. Made by hand at the East West Clinic dispensary with organic sesame oil, beeswax and a super-powerful blend of 22 blood and qi moving herbs and minerals including "Dragon's Blood" xuè jié 血竭. The salve comes in a 120 ml jar and will keep for years, although I think you'll find it is so effective that you won't be holding on to it that long!

Warming Salve

A wonderful warming salve to warm tired muscles and joints, suitable for daily use. The salve is a rich red colour and contains Hong Hua, Myrrh and Frankincense along with other Blood moving and warming medicinals. It warms and nourishes the area, while moving blood and expelling cold.