Nutrition Notes

April 28, 2018

Nutrition Plans: Plans for vitality

The following nutrition plans are published on the blog in turn, and help ensure wellness for all with simple steps to take at home.

Each of these plans correspond to a major category of Chinese Medicine imbalance. These imbalances are commonly present in small degrees in everyone, and a basic point of the Chinese medicine approach to health and wellbeing is to correct these imbalances by dietary means before further symptoms arise.

They are meant to be used as a general health and wellness guide. For those with complex health conditions they may still be of benefit but it is important to have the support of a qualified Chinese Medicine practitioner in deciding what plan is best for you. To look at the plans click on the link below and it will open in a new window.

The Plans

1. Boosting Vitality Plan

2. Warming Vitality Plan

3. Fresh Light Plan

4. Deep Vitality Plan

5. Calm Cool Vitality Plan

6. Ultra Cooling Vitality Plan

7. Moving Energy Plan

How to use the plans

Have a look at the plans to see which one might apply to you. These seven plans cover the basic areas of health and wellness as understood in Chinese Medicine that are appropriate to treat with dietary means at home.

You will probably find that one or two fit your make up perfectly.

When you fairly sure about following a plan then go ahead. If it is the right plan for you you will probably have a sense of improvement of vitality within quite a short period of time: just a few days. But generally I recommend following your chosen plan for about a month and then take stock see how you feel and whether your overall health and wellbeing is improved.

It might be that you would like some more support and guidance, and if so you can use the Diagnosis Form here on the nutrition pages that will give you the one single best plan to follow.

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