Solutions focussed approach

March 21, 2022

The Chinese Medical tradition has an unbroken literary and practical lineage that stretches back two thousand years. However it is a medicine very much of the present day, with its flexible and adaptable approach that looks for the integrated workings of body, mind and emotions. I always take the time to investigate the main complaint very well, but keeping aware of this bigger picture. This is a key benefit of acupuncture: careful investigation of the main condition with an open mind to causes and thus possible solutions. I call this a "solutions focussed" approach and is both a benefit and hallmark of this medical approach.This is a traditional acupuncture treatment; the form of which is very similar to treatment that has been practiced for the last twenty centuries in the East.

Acupuncture is a kind of holistic therapy that can complement or be an alternative to conventional approaches to healthcare a.k.a standard medicine. Acupuncture treatment aims to rebalance the body, naturally boosting vitality and easing any tension and anxiety. A degree qualified acupuncture practitioner like myself has a very good grounding in medical knowledge and is able to treat lots of conditions, just like a GP might. I am focussed on treating the main thing you have come with. I will listen to the problem, research it and try and work on getting it better. If it seems I can't help you as well as I would like, I have access to supervisors and a network of other practitioners to get a solution! Overall, my treatment aim to treat both symptoms and also the person themselves: to rebalance their energy, and ensure the person feels better in themselves: better from the inside out.

One thing about my approach is that I will always keep trying to look for a solution to your condition and not give up! With so many ways of approaching any problem that with persistance, positive change can be achieved. And when it comes to keeping well, the acupuncture approach is great, as I will look to rebalance your system, and keep the vitality that is naturally present moving. Treatment is not just getting well but keeping well too. I advocate a long term approach to nearly all treatment, and give tailored lifestyle and dietary advice. To complement this, here on the website is wellbeing advice and special self treatment videos on the Wellbeing page.

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