To book please use the online system below. If you would like to first have a chat about your treatment options I offer a 15 minute Discovery Call (free) for you to fully understand the treatment options ahead. It will help you understand more about what is involved with treatment and if acupuncture and chinese medicine will work well for you. To book that use the contact form in the footer of the page, and we can find a suitable time.

To book follow the simple steps of 1, 2, 3 below.

1. First Consultation and Treatment

A long first treatment time allows a full exploration of your condition and helps understand the causes of the issue. A complete Chinese Medicine diagnosis process takes place. This is a series of questions about all aspects of your health, then detailed diagnosis of the pulse and the condition of the different acupuncture channels. This process then gives both you and me a detailed assessment of the cause of the complaint and the treatment approach to improve it. It will also highlight key lifestyle changes, including dietary, which may help. The appointment including all consultation, feedback and treatment takes between 1 hour and 1 hour 15 minutes. The fee is £85.

Book First Consultation and Treatment

2. Treatment Packages

If and when you want to go ahead with actual treatment you decide which treatment package is right for you, and pay for the sessions ahead of time using the online system: select you choice of the "Treatment Packages":


Standard Six Week Series

Harness the "power of six": the transformational change gained by six weekly treatments.
The standard treament series I recommend for most conditions including anxiety, sciatica and strong lower back pain. Recover your wellness and keep well. For the clinical specialty of insomnia this is the is the suggested treatment package.

Equivalent to £75 per treatment.


Purchase Package 1


Ten Week Treatment Package

Restore your natural wellness with this longer treatment series. Suitable for any condition. Ideal for fertility treatment.

This is also the best backage for any condition that has a long term presentation including Long-Covid, CFS, parkinsons' etc.

Equivalent to £65 per treatment.

Purchase Package 2



Sixteen Week Treatment Package

A longer treatment series option.
Again designed for weekly sessions, the longer series allows a slightly more discounted rate.

This option will not be available from 1st May for new patients.

Equivalent to £60 per treatment.

Purchase Package 3


3. Book your Sessions

When you have purchased your treatment package you then can book your weekly sessions using the online system below. In the Acupuncture Package Appointment section use the correct type of appointment for your package. Then for each booking you enter the code you will have recieved from the booking confirmation to redeem the package.

Please do not use this section unless you have purchased a package from the above step 2.


If you need any help using the online system first check out the FAQs at the bottom of the page, or if that doesn't help get in touch by using the contact form in the footer to send me an e-mail, and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Clinic Hours

8.00 am - 12.00 pm,  Monday to Friday.

Cancellation Policy

So that everyone can get access to appointments and allow the clinic to run well I have the following condition:

Less than 24 hours notice of change: 50% fee.

No Show: 100% fee.

However normal extenuating circumstances are considered: everyone has emergencies and I don't like playing hardball.


Situated about 1 mile south of Farnham in the peaceful surroundings of Lower Bourne. Easy, free, parking at the treatment room.

Address: Farnham Acupuncture and Wellness,

9 Dene Lane,
 GU10 3PW

Directions From Shepard and Flock Roundabout At the large roundabout (Shepard and Flock roundabout) go south west on A31 (signposted to Alton) then after about 0.7 mile turn left as if going to the station. Just before the station turn right onto a road running parallel to the tracks. At the t-junction turn left up the hill (and over the tracks). This is Firgrove hill. Continue for about half a mile uphill (in the direction of Hindhead) to the top of the hill and a set of traffic lights. Then cross over in same direction, and the road goes down a hill then back up a little. You have now reached Lower Bourne. You should see a Costcutter shop on your left. Turn left there onto the road called Lodge Hill Road then take an immediate right onto the rough road: Dene Lane. You are nearly there. A playground and cricket/ football area should be on your right.
Coming down Dene Lane from the direction of Frensham Road and Lodge Hill Road my house is 3/4 down the portion of Dene Lane facing the cricket green. My drive is just to the right of the large white house.

Parking is available in my drive, on the left hand side or alternatively in the car park on the Bourne Green (thus avoiding Dene Lane that some people do find quite bumpy). The treatment room (Oak door on black timber surround) is on the left as you look at the house

Booking FAQ

What happens if I need to change my appointment?

It is easy, go to your booking confirmation, and click on "reschedule". It will go to the booking system and you can choose a new time. There's no need to let me know separately about it as I see the schedule change on my system.

Why can't I change or cancel on the day of treatment with the online system?

Sorry but changes with the system can only be done 24 hours before the treatment time. If you have an emergentcy or very urgent reason to change or cancel contact me directly and I will see what is possible.

Is acupuncture covered by health insurance?

It is something of a misconception that acupuncture is only a private medicine. It is increasingly well covered by standard health insurance. In short: if you have health insurance then it is quite likely that a proportion, or all of your treatment will be covered. To find out more click here on the page for health insurance.

Do you have parking?

Yes I do. You can easily park in a dedicated space right in from of the treatment room, or in the nearby free public car park on the Bourne Green.