Community Acupuncture Bereavement Service

Or CABS for short...

This is a not-for-profit service that aims to provide a series of low-cost treatments to those in our community (currently Farnham and South West Surrey) who have suffered bereavement and are finding it hard to cope with the difficult feelings that bereavement may bring up. Even if the person has simply experienced the loss of bereavement and wants to have some support in the form of acupuncture they would be very welcome. Bereavement is indeed a nearly universal challenge. For many of us it is one of the biggest stresses we will experience in our life, and even for some the fear of bereavement presents a challenge of its own.

We have noticed that bereavement pays no heed to the passage of time and that people may feel in some way stuck with difficult feelings that may last for years and years. The Community Acupuncture Bereavement Service (CABS) provides four low cost treatments for those suffering in this way. It is is being provided strictly in a not-for-profit basis. A voluntary contribution of £10 per session will be requested.

How it works

For those in need of this service, a suggested donation of £10 is requested per session, and we recommend a 4 week series of sessions. Treatment lasts between 30 and 45 minutes, though we will have a longer time in the first session for talking.


We have two practitioners working in the Farnham area, Jamie Hamilton and Sarah Webb.

To book a treatment series for bereavement please contact us directly by text on:


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"The CABS approach for treating bereavement issues was excellent.  It was interesting to realise there were connections between emotional and physical factors. Through long-term grief, over a major loss, I had lost touch with how happy it is possible to feel and was delighted when the very first treatment relit my happiness wires so fast – and that the effect lasted, non-stop not just for hours, but for days and weeks.  Frequent treatment top ups reinforced my new level of resilience and joy, and were made possible by the very reasonable terms of the community programme. (Happy and grateful customer – Surrey)